c/o Bauer Gallery is not just a gallery.

It´s a place for inspiration and dreams.
Which shall encourage creative ideas and new encounters.
A historical venue,  which offers an unique experience.

My passion for the ocean is huge, so the current & ongoing theme for my own work is interpretations of oceans in differents shapes and modes.  Most of the paintings are being created in the gallery, so the space is most importantly also my creative studio.

Welcome to stop by /Jeanette Bauer


c/o Bauer Gallery has an excellent central location at Köpmanbrinken 4 in Old Town, Stockholm. It is surrounded by several smaller galleries, restaurants, boutiques and only a few minutes walk from the Royal Castle.


c/o Bauer Gallery can be rented for art exhibitions, book releases or for similar purposes.
Rent the space yourself or share it with a friend or colleague!
Price per week: 7.000SEK
From Thursday – Thursday.
No provisions are added to the rent.
Second party rental is not allowed.

You will be responsible for hanging the art, opening hours, vernissage, invitations and marketing.

The gallery does not cover personal injuries nor damage on the tenants private property due to burglery, vandalism or similar events and can therefor not be held responsible.


The  gallery measures in total 40 sqm, which is alloted over two levels, with 20 sqm on each level. The walls are provided with picture rails and adjustable metal hooks with likewise adjustable plastic lines (it is not permitted to drill new holes in the walls).  The total space for hanging art is approximately 20 running meter. A street window display with a bench for art exposure is available and is measuring 125 cm x 65 cm.

You will also have access to a pentry, a fridge, water boiler, wc, cleaning assets and flower vases.

If you are interested, please send an email to  info@cobauer.com



HAV / Oceans
Jeanette Bauer
Acrylic paint on canvas and wood (originals only).
Also limited, numbered and signed edition posters in three different Ocean motifs (Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper Quality).


Evelyn Julia Dahlberg
Showing portraits, oil on canvas, sketches and aquarelles of writers, journalists and poets.

Exhibition 30/11-6/12, 2018

Cecilia Högsveden East
Showing aquarelles and oil paintings.

Exhibition 21/9-30/9, 2018